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Transforming Dermatology: Exploring Market Consolidation Trends

Don't miss out on a huge opportunity. Learn what the future of dermatology looks like in this industry-leading report.  

dermatology consolidation white paper

Don't Leave Money on the Table. 

Get maximum value for your Medical Aesthetics practice with TUSK by your side. 

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Our team at TUSK has worked min over 200 healthcare deals collectively over our careers spanning decades.

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When clients come to TUSK with an unsolicited offer, we have been able to increase that offer by 30%-100% net of our fees. 

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TTM EBITDA is a good starting point for a conversation around valuation, but there is so much more that should be considered. 


The team at TUSK was able to take the original offer I received and improve it by 60% which was mind boggling. They exceeded my expectations tenfold. I can't imagine trying to go through the process on my own.

- Amy Jackson, Texas