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Free Dental Practice Valuation


The most common question any dental practice owner asks is

"How Much Is My Practice Worth?"

By partnering with TUSK, you get the highest possible valuation for your dental practice. We’ll do the legwork while you remain in control for the entirety of the process. 

Get The Knowledge You Need with a Free Practice Valuation

Don't Leave Money on the Table. 

TUSK creates partnerships for dentists who have built successful large or group practices. TUSK brings dentists the value they deserve when selling their practice to a DSO/DPO or IDSO.

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Our team at TUSK has worked on over 300 dental deals collectively over our careers spanning decades.

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When clients come to TUSK with an unsolicited offer, we have been able to increase that offer by 30%-100% net of our fees. 

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TTM EBITDA is a good starting point for a conversation around valuation, but there is so much more that should be considered. 


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TUSK did an incredible job finding the right partner for my business. They brought diverse and rich offers from multiple DSOs, OSOs, and Private Equity Groups, creating tension between the buyers, which resulted in a deal structure I highly desired.  
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Dr. Mark Farina

Farina Orthodontic Specialists.